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When you are about to have a child, you spend a lot of time thinking about what to name them and then draw the line and choose the name you like best. As with newborns, Victoria Sorkin’s collection Holitache is her baby and the title of this soutache jewelry collection has been well-though by its creator. We decided to ask the designer herself what is the meaning of Holitache, the title of her latest handmade soutache collection.

Holitache is a combination of Holi and Soutache. Soutache, as you may guess is the fabric/material that Victoria is using for designing her unique jewelry creations, the trendiest fiber in the world of handmade jewelry. So, we’re clear on what soutache means, but what about Holi? Any guesses? If not, let me tell you the story of Holi.

Holi (English pronunciation:ˈhoʊliː) is a Hindus spring festival also known as festival of colors, and sometimes festival of love, according to online sources. It’s a very old festival that has gained a lot of popularity amongst many parts of South Asia and other non-Hindus communities. It could be the festival of life, depending on how you look at it. Holi is the Hindus religious festival where colors take the main stage.

colourful jewelry by Victoria

We could try to translate Holitache into colored, lively soutache jewelry, if we take a look at the Holitache collection pieces. The collection itself is a celebration of strong, vibrant colors brought in by the versatile soutache fibers and the colored beads. Together, they represent the joy of life, the beauty of all the things alive, power, joy and happiness in one soutache jewelry collection.

It’s interesting to see how meaningful is the name Holitache for the collection itself, since Victoria invented this one word to describe soutache jewelry and her entire collection. Holitache should become a dictionary word accounting for colored soutache accessories, just because it enraptures so perfectly the feelings and the emotions emanated by the jewelry comprised in it. Victoria Sorkin’s Holitache is alive thanks to the holly soutache!

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