Wedding Jewelry – Not Just for the Bride March 23, 2014 – Posted in: Jewelry News – Tags: , , , ,

When it comes down to your wedding day, everything has to be perfect. From your decorations, foods and drinks, music and attending the guests to your bridal look, of course. Believe it or not, the most important wedding aspect for a future bride is to look amazingly beautiful on her special day. Let’s talk about Wedding Jewelry…

That’s why, when you get engaged, the first thing you do is to look up wedding gowns, shoes, makeup ideas and the best spa to go to the day before the wedding. However, as with many things, the beauty stands in the details. And a bridal look could not be complete without wedding jewelry, right?

Although mostly brides are looking to buy wedding jewelry, Toronto based jewelry designer Victoria Sorkin, proposes something else. Wedding jewelry not just for the bride, but for the family, friends and bridesmaids as well. Victoria believes that everybody should look awesome in their sister, best friend or daughter’s wedding day, this is why her Wedding Collection of handmade jewelry pieces is dedicated to all the ladies who are part of the bride’s suite.

The wedding jewelry collection

comes with delicate and exquisite beading necklaces, ruffled and laced wrist bands and precious hair accessories, deem of mighty princesses. You need to look amazing on your friend’s wedding day as well, so why not get some wedding jewelry for yourself as well?

The best part of it is that Victoria Sorkin custom makes beautiful handmade jewelry and you can order your own piece to match your wedding outfit. All you have to do is to contact Victoria and provide her with some inspiration pics of your dress or of an accessory you’ve seen on the web that you absolutely loved. Let her know the wedding theme, if there is one and then she’ll take care of the rest.

Trust that you are in good hands, with one of Toronto’s finest wedding jewelry designer, Victoria Sorkin. She creates with passion and love for all of her clients and she proposes some unique and amazing wedding jewelry, not just for the bride, but for every lady invited!