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When you’re going to have a wedding in Toronto, Canada, whether you have a wedding planner to assist you or not, there are certain things that you need to plan yourself. Such as, choosing the most amazing wedding dress, buying the awesome shoes and, of course, buying the hottest and trendiest jewelry for your wedding day.

Accessories are the little accents that not only complete a bridal look, but also tell a complete story about yourself, what you like and who you are. Toronto jewelry and fashion accessories designer Victoria Sorkin offers a wide range of luxuries handmade soutache and beaded jewelry for weddings. In fact soutache bridal accessories make the hottest trend among Toronto weddings.

If your wedding is in Toronto, you might as well want to take a peek and see what’s in store for a beautiful future bride like you. On Victoria’s website you can see all of her unique handmade creations for brides and bridesmaids. Lace, ruffles, beads, pearls and precious soutache all come together in creative combinations to create the precious bridal accessories that you can see here.

What would a wedding in Toronto be without a perfectly accessorized bride like you? Are you already decided about what’s going to embellish your neck or sit pretty in your hair? Perhaps you’ve found some inspiration online but your budget is less than what they cost. In this situations, Victoria proposes a simple solution! She custom makes wedding accessories for Toronto brides, which are not only unique and beautiful, but also cost way less than what you’ve expected.

Victoria believes that each and every bride has to have all the accessories she wants on, so that her look is complete. This is why, her soutache and beads creations are affordable for all the brides who want them. If you are among the lucky ones who will have a wedding in Toronto this year or soon, Victoria Sorkin offers you her entire Holitache collection for you to choose from.

Be bold and daring to be different, especially because you will be the most important person of the day, right?

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