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Stand Out with Wedding Accessories

When it comes to the special day in your life, your wedding day, you have to do anything in your power to stand out, look amazing and of course, have a ball. You see, when the day is done and the party’s over, everyone will remember you as this beautiful bride with a stunning white dress, superb hairstyle and perfect accessories! We too believe that beauty stands in the detail that contribute. The pined flowers, the sweet and original wedding favors and the precious looking wedding accessories, this is what remains after all.

Victoria Sorkin, your Canadian handmade jewelry designer proposes some of the most beautiful and unique wedding accessories for the bride who wants to stand out and just look amazing on her W day. Her accessories are not for brides solely, she has created a few jewelry collections so that every bridesmaid can get a beautiful and unique piece, as well as the family and friends that will attend the party.

Complete your look with a handmade bracelet, a pair of teardrop earrings or even a pin from Victoria’s soutache jewelry collection. Well, with soutache, you can’t be wrong in 2014 and the years to come. It’s the latest craze in the world of wedding accessories and everybody is crazy about owning their unique creation. This is the reason why, Victoria creates custom jewelry for that unique bride that you are!

With wedding accessories, on thing is for sure: you need to look unique and special, because you are! So, don’t just set for the classy silver and gold jewelry that are so expensive and out of fashion, go for soutache! In her Holitache collection, Victoria has created at least 50 unique handmade creations that you will absolutely love! Perhaps you are that unconventional bride and need a splash of color on. There’s red earrings, radiant orchid soutache and beaded creations, which by the way is the color of the year.

Go for trendy and chic rather than for dull and boring, after all you are the special lady everybody will look at with admiration. Let them see you as you are: fun, interesting and beautiful, with a soutache wedding accessory designed by Victoria Sorkin!