Not Trendy Fashion Designs. Victoria Creates Art Jewelry that Will Last… February 28, 2014 – Posted in: Fashion and Jewelry Trends – Tags: , , , , ,

There are fashion trends that come and go every year,in fact every season and perhaps every month. In order to keep up with these trends dictated by “fashion specialists” you’ll need to spend all your time browsing through Cosmo or Elle and spend a fortune on all the trendy new items. Well, most women don’t have the time to sit all day waiting for a new trend, nor spend all their paycheck on a pair of boots.

This is why, Victoria Sorkin aligns herself with all the other art jewelry designers that wish to create unique classic pieces that never go out of fashion or become outdated. Victoria’s artistic side won’t let her be carried away by the ever-changing world of fashion trends or mainstream products. She designs earrings, bracelets, necklaces and other handmade accessories that are here to last the test of fashion trends.

When you turn your focus into creating something meaningful, artful and beautiful, ephemeral fashion trends fall on second place. According to Victoria, there is but one thing that never fades away, either in fashion not in everyday life, and that thing is called beauty. Whenever beauty stands at the basis of art, you are the creator of never dying art, which never fades or fails to keep its stand.

And what Victoria Sorkin aims is to create beauty, under the form of handmade jewelry for already beautiful women like you. Fashion trends and mainstream products will eventually fade out and never be remembered again, but art stands forever.

You see, a handmade jewelry designer has no bigger spiritual fulfillment than to see his/her creations forever trendy and worn by women all over the world.
Because when you create with passion and dedication, you put every bit of your soul in it and it becomes alive. It is a beautiful part of you that you want to share with the whole world and adorn life with it. This is why something that is so beautiful, so alive and real will stand any fashion trends and live forever.