Top 5 Soutache Jewelry Designs February 25, 2014 – Posted in: Fashion and Jewelry Trends – Tags: , , , , ,

In the world of soutache jewelry design you’ll find very many amazingly beautiful creations that will blow your mind away. However, we’ve decided to help you see the most exquisite, in our opinion, soutache jewelries. This is our Top 5 Soutache Jewelry Designs.

# 1 Wedding Soutache Earrings

Our number 1 pick are the wearing soutache earrings, the hottest craze in the world of bridal accessories worldwide. The soutache bridal earrings are light, classic and make great addition to any wedding dress, no matter the style. If you add a statement soutache necklace or even a bracelet to complete your overall bridal look you’ll be the most beautiful bride in the world, no doubt!

# 2 Classic Soutache Necklace

First runner up is this colorful soutache necklace with added Swarovski crystals, semi-precious stones, beads and a lot of craftiness. The beautiful turquoise and purple color scheme take this necklace out of the ordinary and turn it into a precious and unique accessory. The necklace can be added to a plain dress for a cocktail party or another posh event that you’ll attend. You’ll definitely stand out with this around your neck!

# 3 Chic Soutache Earrings

Fit for your casual or dressy look, these chic chandelier soutache earrings are the thing you need to complete your outfit. The amber and light green color combination is amazing and pretty extravagant, so you’ll need to match them with something less colorful and bring the attention to your earrings and face, of course.

# 4 Stunning Soutache Bracelet

Number 4 is this stunning turquoise and baby blue bracelet. This is what we call a top handmade fashion accessory for any woman who loves following the latest trends and looking her best no matter the occasion. The way the soutache has been added give the bracelet that ethnic feel to it which makes it an even more awesome accessory.

# 5 Beautiful Soutache Pendant

Last but not least, our # 5 is held by this classic and beautiful soutache pendant. This makes a great fashion accessory for the winter as well as for the hot summer days. The pendant is brightly colored and it has that fun feeling to it, which makes it the perfect accessory for a woman who can be a playful child as well as a classy and mature woman at the same time.