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Custom Made Wedding Jewelry by Victoria, Jewelry Designer

Victoria Sorkin, Toronto’s en vogue jewelry handcrafter, welcomes you on her online shop where you can take a peek at the trendiest accessories for ladies all ages. Victoria loves working with beads, all sizes and colors as well as with crystals, precious stones and soutache. The unpredictable way in which she puts her imagination into these small jewelry pieces is fascinating. Custom made wedding jewelry by Victoria On you can see her 4 handmade…

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Wedding in Toronto

When you’re going to have a wedding in Toronto, Canada, whether you have a wedding planner to assist you or not, there are certain things that you need to plan yourself. Such as, choosing the most amazing wedding dress, buying the awesome shoes and, of course, buying the hottest and trendiest jewelry for your wedding day. Accessories are the little accents that not only complete a bridal look, but also tell a complete story about…

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