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The latest craze in the world of accessories and handmade jewelry
is soutache artwork.

In old times, soutache was used to embellish military uniforms, while today this magnificent thread has found a new way of embellishing and accessorizing clothes, in fine earrings, sophisticated necklaces, distinguished bracelets and many more.

Women love wearing soutache artwork because there’s something fancy and posh about it that reminds them of the 18th century duchess and the fine ladies at court that wore chandelier earrings and were distinguished among the other women.

Soutache artwork is not only about the feeling that soutache jewelry gives, but also about wearing art around your neck or on your ears. There’s a great difference between the mass produced accessories that you can find everywhere at big retailers and the handmade and unique jewelry.

The soutache artwork made by Victoria Sorkin is definitely the latter of the two. So, there are three great aspects that have turned soutache artwork into the most craved accessories these days. It’s the preciousness of soutache itself that has that old, classic kind of imprint to it and at the same time the novelty in the way designers use it today.

Second, there is the art that comes into play. As we’ve said, handmade soutache jewelry is more than the mass produced plastic accessories that you can find anywhere for 50 cents or less. It’s an art form in itself.

Third, there is something more that adds value to soutache artwork, it’s the brilliant and creative designer that puts her dreams onto paper and then brings them to life. In this case we’re talking about Victoria Sorkin and her passion for designing and crafting soutache artwork under the form of unique handmade accessories for ladies.

Coming from a background of detailed beaded jewelry, Victoria enjoys creating complex beaded and soutache pieces as you can tell from her latest collection. In addition to the gorgeous earrings Victoria specializes in, she also crafts necklaces and bracelets which are more complex and demand more work and attention.

No matter what she puts her mind to create, earrings, necklaces or bracelets, Victoria has turned her craft into an artwork, using the most beautiful materials and of course, the versatile and magnificent soutache.

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