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Victoria Sorkin – Jewelry Designer

Born on May 9th in a small Eastern Ukraine town called Stakhanov, Victoria Sorkin takes her name after Victory Day, and after none other than the Queen of the United Kingdom. As she lives up to her title the best way she knows how, today Victoria designs luxurious beaded jewelry pieces fit for royalty.

With her mother working as a college director, Victoria spent many of her childhood years travelling throughout the Soviet Union. As a result, she was exposed to the exceptional architecture of the Republic of Turkmenistan, the culture and historic landmarks of Uzbekistan, and the remarkable works of art on nearly every wall of her grandmother’s place in Ukraine.

Victoria’s life took an interesting turn when her family decided to uproot themselves from Ukraine to live in Israel. Victoria earned a university degree in finance, but quickly realized this was not her calling. She needed to express herself and knew that her creativity could not go to waste. After establishing her own family in the Holy Land, Victoria decided to relocate to one of the world’s most well known cultural, fashionable and artistic cities: Toronto, Canada.

Art was always a part of Victoria’s life, like an untold story engraved inside of her. As a child she would wander beneath large, forest trees in Stakhanov, Ukraine, and later sit in front of her drawing board to paint the gorgeous treetops she had admired that afternoon. After her travels in and out of the deserts of Turkmenistan, she would illustrate the breathtaking architecture she had been witness to.

But it wasn’t until her new life in Israel, that Victoria’s artistic talents changed forms. She began working with fine beads of various shapes and colours, creating dynamic jewelry unlike any ever seen before. She used her life’s experiences as inspiration, designing pieces with treasured memories behind them.

Victoria believes that one must accept life as a complex collection of unique experiences – some good, some bad, but all holding great value. Some experiences help us reach new heights, and others test our personal strength. Victoria is committed to living life freely and creatively, with a clear goal in sight leading her way.

“Every time I create one of my pieces, I envision a noble woman. I use different colours, different shapes, different styles to suit various personalities and fashionable tastes. I want each woman to feel the creativity that oozed out of me as I designed her piece. As her unique piece drapes around her neckline, I want her inner creativity to be stimulated, making her feel beautiful, special and one-of-a-kind. I always remember the ancient story of Anastasia, the Tsar’s daughter who disappeared quite mysteriously. Since there is no known ‘ending’ for certain, I like to imagine that long lost Anastasia suddenly reappears at an evening ball in all her beauty, causing everyone to turn in utter astonishment. This is the type of appeal I want each of my pieces to possess.”



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