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Victoria Sorkin is a talented artist who creates beautiful, luxurious and rare beaded jewelry pieces by hand.  Victoria was born and raised in Eastern Ukraine and always demonstrated a strong passion for visual arts, drawing and painting during her childhood and throughout her adult years.  As a young girl, she was greatly influenced by the artistic styles and unique architecture in Turkmenistan, the culture and historic landmarks of Uzbekistan, and the incredible works of art decorating the walls of her grandmother’s home in Ukraine.  These early life experiences are what shaped Victoria’s style and inspiration as an artist, and still contribute to her distinct jewelry designs today.  Victoria is now fully immersed in bead design, and has established an excellent name for herself in the high-end jewelry market.


The Victoria Sorkin jewelry line was created with ‘the noble woman’ in mind.  Every woman deserves to feel her inner creativity and true beauty.  The Victoria Sorkin line celebrates the strength, character, and independence of women through one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces that exude these very qualities.


Creative Jewelry Pieces

Victoria Sorkin uses both hand crafted and naturally created beads from around the world including a wide variety of glass beads, Japanese seed beads, crystal beads, gemstones, gold beads and Soutache.  For her Royal Custom Made Line, Victoria incorporates pearls and precious stones into her designs.


Professional Collaborations

Victoria Sorkin connects her brand with relevant industry professionals:  stylists, personal shoppers, make-up artists, fashion writers, image advisors, hair designers, and entertainment specialists.  The Victoria Sorkin jewelry line can be added to your repertoire as a way to serve your clients better.  With a wide array of supportive services and attractive incentives, you can expand your business horizons with prestigious and stunningly creative jewelry pieces.


The Victoria Sorkin Vision

Victoria Sorkin aims to establish her jewelry line as a renowned and respected brand around the world.  She envisions each of her pieces as works of art, which are expressed through wearable fashion.  Through carefully selected materials, intricate beadwork and artistic creativity, Victoria Sorkin jewelry pieces will empower and ignite the honest expression in every wearer.