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Wearable Art Jewelry

Soutache Embroideries
Vibrant colours

Light, Colourful and Stylish Designs By Victoria Sorkin

The Victoria Sorkin line celebrates the strength, character, and independence of women through one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces that exude these very qualities.

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  • Steven and Chris - CBC

  • Zara Durrani - Director | Actress | Producer

  • SNAP Newspaper

  • Royal Collection Photoshoot

  • The Jerusalem Foundation of Canada

  • West of the City

  • S Style Magazine

  • Canadian Author | Shanna McFarlane

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From the Blog

Custom Made Wedding Jewelry by Victoria, Jewelry Designer

Victoria Sorkin, Toronto’s en vogue jewelry handcrafter, welcomes you on her online shop where you can take a peek at the trendiest accessories for ladies all ages. Victoria loves working with beads, all sizes and colors as well as with crystals, precious stones and soutache. The unpredictable way in which she puts her imagination into these small jewelry pieces is fascinating. Custom made wedding jewelry by Victoria On you can see her 4 handmade…

What’s the Meaning of the Holitache Collection Name?

When you are about to have a child, you spend a lot of time thinking about what to name them and then draw the line and choose the name you like best. As with newborns, Victoria Sorkin’s collection Holitache is her baby and the title of this soutache jewelry collection has been well-though by its creator. We decided to ask the designer herself what is the meaning of Holitache, the title of her latest handmade…

Wedding Accessories

Stand Out with Wedding Accessories When it comes to the special day in your life, your wedding day, you have to do anything in your power to stand out, look amazing and of course, have a ball. You see, when the day is done and the party’s over, everyone will remember you as this beautiful bride with a stunning white dress, superb hairstyle and perfect accessories! We too believe that beauty stands in the detail…